Dune executes its strategy through three primary investment strategies:

Distressed:  Acquiring and/or restructuring of sub-performing and non-performing commercial mortgages and other real estate loans as an effective means of acquiring real estate assets and recapitalizing transactions;

Deep Value-Add: Recapitalizing and/or rationalizing of capital structures or ownership to effectuate the repositioning of real estate assets that are often mismanaged; and

Contrarian:  Investing to take advantage of oversold markets or property types where the acquisition basis is compelling and where Dune believes investor sentiment has created exploitable mispricing opportunities.

Dune identifies and executes transactions across these investment strategies on an opportunistic basis.  Dune currently targets transactions in which the equity investment will generally exceed $25 million and its returns will be generated by a combination of current yield and capital appreciation.  Dune may invest in debt or equity through partnerships, joint ventures or other structures, generally with third parties.

Dune believes its significant experience with and insight into these investment structures differentiates the firm and allows Dune to take advantage of current market dislocations. Dune seeks to use its experience to achieve the most effective execution in maximizing asset values and simplifying encumbered ownership or capital structures.

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