Dune Real Estate Partners LP is a New York City-based real estate investment firm currently executing an opportunistic strategy focused on distressed, deep value-add and contrarian investing, primarily in the United States.  The firm's sole focus is on assembling and managing a diversified portfolio of real estate investments, balanced by region, sector and risk profile. Dune manages the Dune Real Estate Funds which were launched by Mr. Daniel M. Neidich in 2005 and have raised $3.2 billion of equity capital.

Dune was founded with the vision of bringing together a collaborative team of experienced real estate professionals dedicated to creating a portfolio of profitable investments through the execution of an opportunistic strategy.  The firm was founded and operates on four principal tenets: 

  • A team of Partners with differentiated real estate and capital markets experiences who bring high-caliber skills and deep industry relationships to each investment
  • The firm's Partners driving each step of an investment's lifecycle from sourcing through asset management to disposition
  • A portfolio of a scale in which each investment is important enough to affect portfolio performance
  • A focus on producing profitable results, rather than on aggregating assets

The Dune team includes four Partners: Daniel Neidich, Cia Buckley Marakovits, Julie Brenton and Eric Calder.

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